Tuono 660

Here you will find everything for the Aprilia Tuono 660 from year 2021
Here you will find everything for the Aprilia Tuono 660 from year 2021
Aprilia Tuono 660 radiator protection 2021+ from Evotech Performance
Features of the Evotech Performance radiator guard for the Aprilia Tuono 660.

    Lightweight aluminum construction for easy and precise installation
    Hexagonal matrix hole pattern ensures strong protection from stone chips
    EP radiator guard is shaped to follow the lines of the Aprilia radiator
    Designed to provide maximum airflow for the all-important radiator cooling system
    Durable black powder coating
    All mounting hardware and anti-vibration material included
    Installation instructions available for download is available here: INSTALLATION

81,00 Dollar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Aprilia Tuono 660 crash protector from 2021 from Evotech Performance
The team at Evotech Performance designed these crash bars to fit your Aprilia at the bike's original mounting points.
We love this Aprilia as much as you do. That's why these Crash Bobbins are modification-free to install. After all, we would never ask you to drill holes in your expensive fairing.
The Crash Protector simply attaches to your bike's existing mounting points. No modifications are required.
The mounts are made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum.
The crash bars are made of high performance engineering polymer that will protect you and your motorcycle in the event of a crash.
The crash bars and stems are powder coated black for durability.
Easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions are available for download: INSTALLATION
324,00 Dollar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
TomTom compatible handlebar clamp nav mount - Aprilia - Ducati - Honda
Features of the EP TomTom compatible nav mount for the Aprilia, Honda, Ducati. Suitable on the following MODELS
    Designed to fit perfectly with the TomTom mounting system
    Places a TomTom sat nav centrally in front of the rider
    Bracket is mounted on the handlebar clamp
    Adjustable horizontal pivot point for good visibility
    Fully compatible with TomTom anti-theft lock. Part no. 9uge.001.06
    Online step-by-step installation instructions is available here: INSTALLATION
What is a motorcycle navigation device mount?
Made of lightweight aluminum and reinforced with a black powder coat finish, the nav mount simply attaches to your existing handlebar clamp.   EP's mounting plate is designed to fit snugly on the TomTom mounting system, and all other necessary parts are included in the kit. It mounts centrally near the screen for easy access to the nav and other TomTom features while riding.
Note: TomTom motorcycle navi not included
74,25 Dollar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Garmin Navi mount on Evotech Performance bracket system
With this interface plate you can convert your Navi mount (from Evotech Performance) to the Garmin mounting system.
The mounts are milled from plastic.
The kit consists of:
    1 x interface plate
    1 x pivot plate  
    Plus all necessary mounts as shown.
This item is only compatible with Evotech Performance swivel mounts for navigation devices.
Compatible with all Zumo models.
Note: The Garmin Motorcycle Navi is not included.
40,50 Dollar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
License plate and reflector mounting kit
Our laws require a reflector to be attached to the motorcycle.
Furthermore, you no longer need to worry about mounting license plates of different sizes on our license plate holders.
This kit also includes a set of license plate adapters suitable for all UK and international license plate sizes.
Contents of the kit:
    1 x reflector (self-adhesive)
    1 x reflector holder
    2 x number adapter
    6 x cable ties
    6 x number plate screws
    6 x number plate nuts
10,80 Dollar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Reinforced number plate made of ALUCOBOND® material 180 x 200 mm
Are you looking for a stable and visually clean solution for mounting your number plate?
We offer a 3 mm thick, 150 gram light ALUCOBOND® plate with perfectly rounded, milled corners.
This is identical to the curves of the number plate.
The plate is matt black on one side and glossy black on the other.
The plate is supplied without holes.
We used 5 mm countersunk screws for mounting on a KTM Super Duke R 1.0.
The holes on the plate were countersunk with a 5.5 mm drill bit and then with a countersunk drill bit according to the screw.
It is best to use a pillar drill with a depth stop for this.
To secure the M5 cap nut we use Loctite 243.
We stuck the number plate with mirror tape with 3 strips. Optically perfect and holds.
The reflector with the angle bracket is already included with most EVOTECH PERFORMANCE number plate holders. If not, you can get it HERE.
16,20 Dollar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Here you will find everything for the Aprilia Tuono 660 from year 2021