F.A.Q. - Questions and answers

# You need installation instructions? In the item description in the online shop, you will find an INSTALLATION guide as a PDF for download.

# You want to know if the selected product fits your motorbike? Then check the description of the item.
In most cases you will find the link "all MODELS". You will find it there. If your motorbike is not listed there, you can save yourself the trouble.

# If you have questions about TÜV/ABE, please look here:

# If you have questions about residues on your order, please see if there is something for you here:

 # All torque specifications can be found HERE

# If you have problems with an order to an EU country, then you can inform yourself here:

# If you need spare parts, you can find information here:

# Question / answer about the article numbers
We use the same article numbers as our English supplier. However, an additional number appears with the articles on the English side. This (e.g. -02) is only for a different model of the same type. Thus, they are all identical articles regardless of the 2-digit end number.
PRN014957-014960-01 (Streetfighter V4 S)
PRN014957-014960-02 (Streetfighter V4)
PRN014957-014960-03 (Streetfighter V4 SP)
Add the stock location to the item number. (e.g. PRN014957-014960-K5)

# Cancellation / Return
If you do not like an item, please enclose a copy of the invoice with the return.
If you have created a customer account, you can view your order and use the completed ONLINE FORM at the bottom of the page.
There must be no visible signs of assembly.
If possible, use the original packaging again.
We only issue return labels for justified complaints.