TÜV / ABE info

Subject to registration
Components or assemblies for which an ABE or a parts certificate is required and which must be entered in the papers. Exception: If the ABE is included, the entry is not mandatory.
Intake manifold/ brake fitting/ brake pads/ brake fluid reservoir/ brake lever/ brake lines/ brake pedal/ brake pump/ brake disc/ brake caliper/ cockpit trim/ chassis raising/ chassis lowering/ suspension strut(s)/ rims/ footrest system/ fork/ triple tree/ fork springs/ Fork stabiliser/ Gearbox grading/ Main brake cylinder/ Main stand/ Rear raising/ Rear lowering/ Rear fairing/ Rear wheel cover/ Sprocket (if number of teeth is not identical)/ Mudguards/ Manifold (only if pipe routing or cross-section changes)/ Lamp mask/ Handlebars/ Handlebar end- Turn signals (on current motorbikes only in conjunction with rear pair of turn signals)/ handlebar clamps (risers)/ steering damper/ air filter/ air filter insert (if air flow rate is changed)/ air filter box/ tyres (if dimensions are changed)/ sprocket (if number of teeth is not identical)/ swingarm/ side stand/ secondary gear/ seat bench (if pipe routing or cross-section is changed) gear ratio/ seat (in case of massive dimensional changes)/ pillion grip/ speedometer/ tank/ carburettor/ carburettor gauging/ fairing/ fairing keel/ fairing screen
Components or assemblies that do not have to be registered in the papers and require neither a parts certificate nor an ABE or EG-BE.
Battery /Socket /Tachometer /Fork protectors /Throttle cable /Housing cover /Luggage carrier (if no significant modification to the vehicle) /Rubber grips /Glove shells/- Protectors (if no significant change) /handle rubbers /handle shells/ protectors /heating grips /spark plug (must comply with specifications regarding radio interference suppression) /chain sprocket (with identical number of teeth) /kick starter /coolant hoses /clutch fitting /clutch fluid reservoir /clutch lever /air filter insert (with unchanged air flow) /engine protection sump /navigator /oil temperature- direct meter /paint frame /frame protectors/camber pads /sprocket (with identical number of teeth) /seat (retaining original length; (retain original length; note support for pillion) /searchlight (must not be used while riding) /vibration dampers (at handlebar ends) /warning lights /spark plugs (must comply with specifications regarding radio interference suppression) Number plate holder* (angle of number plate/turn signal spacing must comply with legal requirements)

Number plate holders from the UK do not have ABE. The number plate lighting has an E approval mark. However, suitable adapters are usually included to bring the indicator spacing to the legally required 180 mm.
The licence plate angle with the required 30 degrees must be checked and adjusted on the vehicle. In some cases, the licence plate can be adjusted (without heating) using the appropriate tools. To do this, clamp the plate in the vice (with appropriate cardboard padding) and bend it slightly. Please take care not to bend too much, otherwise the tyre may hit the licence plate. It is not possible to return the licence plate holder after the plate has been bent.

All without guarantee.
*Information for our Austrian customers especially for the typification or registration of licence plate holders can be found HERE.